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Card Dispenser CRT-591-M For Smart Parking Lot

Card Dispenser CRT-591-M For Smart Parking Lot
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Product Details

CRT-591-M is a card dispenser supports IC/RFID card R/ adopts industrial grade design with surface paint treatment and has good wear and corrosion resistance. The card issuance principle is anthropomorphic friction type card issuing.

Card dispenser CRT-591-M

Card dispenser CRT-591-M product feature

Support card dispensing/capturing/accepting and card reading & writing 

150pcs of card with the thickness of 0.76mm

Card empty/pre-empty detection alarm

RS-232 communication interface,supports serial port and usb communication

Internal card accepting/capturing function 

Card reading/writing module supports serial port and USB communication

EMV & PBOC certified

Card dispenser CRT-591-M product specification

Card type

IC card ISO7816-1,2,3,4

Support T=0,T=1 CPU card 

RFID card ISO14443 Type A & B

Support Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card,Mifare Desfire

Card dimension



Card thickness
0.76mm±10%(suitable for embossed card)
Communication interfaceRS-232
Power supply
DC 24V±5%
Card stacker capacity 150pcs/0.76mm

Load option

Short card stacker 60pcs

Long card stacker 170pcs

This card dispenser model is a highly efficient automatic equipment which can automatically issue/reclaim cards,can be applied to card consumption systems,such as smart parking lot, smart card vending system,card issuance/verification system etc.

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