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Card Dispenser Machine CRT-591-F

Card Dispenser Machine CRT-591-F
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Product Details

CRT-591-F card dispenser supports IC/RF/magneitc card reading/writing and issuing/collecting functions,which is primarily applicable to self-service terminal equipments such as parking lot management system, expressway toll gate, self-service charging system, self-service card vending terminal, magnetic card management system and electricity bill payment system.

card dispenser CRT-591-F

Card Dispenser machine CRT-591-F product feature

Enable issue & retract IC/RFID/magnetic card 

Multi functions in one device: provide IC/RF card reading/writing, issuing/collecting functions and effectively saves space for the complete machine

Unique dispensing wheel design: is capable of issuing various embossing cards accurately

Simple collection channel design: satisfies user requirement for large collection amount

Card stacker & error card bin are available to lock for security management purpose

Card empty,pre-empty,error card bin status detected with alarm 

Card Dispenser machine CRT-591-F product specification


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