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High Quality Card Dispenser CRT-591-Y

High Quality Card Dispenser CRT-591-Y
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CRT-591-Y is a card dispenser designed with new technology,which can adapt to high temperature and low temperature climate. This machine provides two control modes: I / O interface and RS232.

card dispenser CRT-591-Y

CRT-591-Y card dispenser main Functions

Support to operate IC card and contactless card in a circulating function

Card detection function: card empty detection, trouble alarm of machine

Error card bin for capturing bad cards

Available to external card reader

CRT-591-Y card dispenser technical Specification

Support cards

Standard product:

card specification:

L:85.47 ~ 85.90 mm

W:53.92 ~ 54.18 mm

Thickness:0.76 mm±0.1mm

IC card compliant to: ISO7816-1、2、3、4 

PBOC2.0、PBOC3.0 standard

EMV2000 standard

Contactless compliant:ISO/IEC 14443 Type A andType B

PBOC2.0、PBOC3.0 EMV2000 

Card dispensing and retrieving

Rubbing card mode for 

dispensing / retrieving cards

0.76mm thickness card is standard,

standard capacity:around 150 pcs flat cards

Longest card dispensing

time is 3 sec/pcs(on including writing card)


life≥200,000 times of dispensing

(not include IC contact and retrieving)


1. RS232 C

2. Voltage input (4PIN)

3. Support IAP

4. DLL for Customer

WeightAround 2KG(net weight)

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