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High Quality ID Card Dispenser CRT-591-Q

High Quality ID Card Dispenser CRT-591-Q
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CRT-591-Q is a Disordered card dispenser for ID card,it is mainly used in public security and other industries such as bank, social security bureau, police station etc. This product mainly uses the turntable storage method to store corresponding ID cards, which can accurately judge the position of the card and make accurate issuing through the combination of special card issuing mechanism and card reading mechanism. 

ID card dispenser CRT-591-F

ID card dispenser CRT-591-Q product feature

Support ID card disprder dispensing 

Turntable storage with high density card slot, support card 2000pcs

Able to accurately locate the card in any position and issue it accurately

Supports bulk card entry and batch clearing

Drawer-type cassette,support for automatically reading the card number and other information when dispensing the card

Four recycle card drawers can be used to distinguish between cards for different recovery requirements

ID card dispenser CRT-591-Q product specification

Card dimension



Card thickness1mm
Communication interfaceRS-232/USB
Power supplyDC24V±5%
Card stacker capacity500/1000/2000 PCS


net weight about 75kg

gross weight about 91kg

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