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High Quality SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720-B

High Quality SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720-B
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SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B is designed with good consideration of SIM card particularities,Easy-to-use PC/SC IC card reader/writer is embedded for SIM/CPU cards decoding/encoding.

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B product features:

Replaceable hoppers to avoid on-site loading

Card dispensing with hook

Plug and Play PC/SC compatible IC card reader/writer for easy development and deployment

Stable and accurate belt transmission and push dispensing mechanism

Card empty,pre-empty,error card bin status detected with alarm function

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B product specifications

Supported Cards : Width:15±0.1mm,Length:25±0.1mm

Communication Interface : RS232+USB CDC

Capacity : 120pcsx0.68mm for standard card hopper; 6~9pcs for error card bin;

IC Contact Life cycles :  300,000 times;

Driving parts : 500,000 times

Operating Temperature : 0℃–55℃/5-90%(Non-condensing);

Weight : 700g

CRT-720-B is the motor card dispenser for Mini SIM card with integrated PC/SC IC Card reader&writer.if you need more information about sim card dispenser,Please feel free to contact us.

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