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Kiosk Card Dispenser CRT-591-D

Kiosk Card Dispenser CRT-591-D
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Product Details

This Kiosk card dispenser CRT-591-D supports retract & issue IC/RFID/magnetic stripe card,with card empty,pre-empty,card bin status detection with alarm function. 

Kiosk card dispenser CRT-591-D product feature

Support dispensing cards of reading & writing IC/RF cards,magnetic cards read only

Card-Empty, Pre-card empty detection with audible alarm

With a recycle box and support recycling cards; 

With prevention of reversing and sloping functions,the dispenser and stacker with lockable mechanism design.


Technical Specification

Card type

Support type:Credit and debit card read 

TYPE of reading & writing:IC card and RFID Card,

 magnetic card read only

Magnetic card standards:

IS07810,7811、IS07811 - 2、IOS7811 - 4、ISO7811 - 5 ,

ISO7811 - 6

Card specification:IS07810ID - 1 (Magnetic standard);

Embossed card:IS07811 - 1 ; IS07811 - 3;

Card dimension:

Length:85.47 ~ 85.90 mm

Width:53.92 ~ 54.18 mm

thickness:0.76 mm±0.1mm

IC card standard:

Support ISO7816-1、2、3、4 

Support PBOC2.0、PBOC3.0 

Support EMV2000

Support PC/SC、CCID

Dispense card

1.With hook mechanism and it could not scratch the card when it dispensing.

2.Available for flat card or embossed card

3.Dispenser speed : Approx.:60mm/s

Life time

Transporting≥200,000 times  

magnetic stripe card re-read rate:≤1/1000

IC contact:up to 300,000 times 

Error rate<=0.02%

MTBF≥10,000 hours (Only electric components)


1.Standard: RS232

2.USB2.0 (Optional)

3.Bluetooth (Optional)

4.Voltage input(4pin),with backup power interface.

User experience

1.flexible card supplement,easy for integrated cards 


2.the card output obviously, easy to take.

3.independent capture cassette design,easy to manage 

the cards 

4.clear and quick trouble shooting

WeightAbout 1.8KG

Card dispenser CRT-591-D product application

Financical industry

Self-service dispenser


Automatic card-vending machine

Card-issuing system

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