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Multi-hopper card dispenser CRT-591-T

Multi-hopper card dispenser CRT-591-T
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Product Details

The card dispenser CRT-591-T series is a multi-hopper,supports issue & retract IC/RFID/magnetic card.

Card dispenser CRT-591-T product features

Hook mechanism,fixe card thickness (for flat/embossed card)

Tripe removable card stackers & anti-reversing design when loading card

Card stacker & error card bin with lock are for sercurity management

Card empty,pre-empty & error card bin status detection & alarm 

The card dispenser CRT-591-T

Card dispenser CRT-591-T product specifications

Power supply DC 24V±10%
Unit LifeMore than 200,000 transactions per unit
Optional stacker loading capacity 65/100/130/160/200 flat card
Retracted box capacity20~25pcs (0.76mm standard card)
weightabout 8 kg

Card dispenser CRT-591-T product applications

Financical inductry/self-service dispenser

Automatic card-vending machine

Highway card-issuing system

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