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Parking Automatic Card Dispenser CRT-591-D

Parking Automatic Card Dispenser CRT-591-D
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CRT-591-D supports magnetic cards, IC cards and RFID cards, it has high security and stability.

The machine has passed EMV & PBOC certification and has many patents.

CRT-591-D card dispenser is widely used in the financial industry, self-issuing system and self-service dispenser etc.


What's the card dispenser main features and functions?

1) Card empty and pre-empty detect function and sound alarm .

2) Security management for stacker & error bin

3) Capturing card through a special card retrieving box.

4) Card thickness adjustment is convenient, precise and easy to operate.

5) RS232 control interface. may make multiple machine communication.

6)Pre-dispensing function accelerates the speed and ensures the continuous card issuing.

CRT-591-D card dispenser technical parameters

Operating voltage: 24VDC±10%

Card type: Magnetic card ,IC card,RFID card 

Retracted box capacity:≤7pcs(0.76mm standard card)

Use condition: install in bin

Card available: width: 53.92~54.18mm,Length:85.47~85.90mm,Thickness: 0.76mm (adjustable)

Net weight of card dispenser: 1.4kg 

Capacity of stacker: 200pcs (0.76mm)

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