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CRT-591N High-security Card Issuing Machine

CRT-591N High-security Card Issuing Machine
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Product Details

Model No:CRT-591N

Product Features:

•IC/RFID and hico/loco magnetic read/write

•Pusher and hooker mechanism reliability for embossing card

•Reliable lockable stacker

Reliable lockable error card bin

•Automaticall locking mehamism for illegal violation

•Self-detect for stacker removal from machine

•On line IAP support


IC card standard

Conform with ISO 7816
Support AT24C01、24C02、24C256、SLE4442、SLE4428、CPU T=0/T=1

Magnetic card standard

Physical Charactenstics:IS07810 and 7811 Standard
Card Dimensions:IS07810ID - 1 - Type Magnetic Card Standard
Embossing:IS07811 - 1 and IS07811 - 3 Standard
Record Format:IS07811 - 2、IOS7811 - 4、ISO7811 - 5 and ISO7811 - 6 Standard

RF card standard

ISO14443-3 (Mifare One:S50、S70、UL)

Card dimension

Length:85.47 ~ 85.90 mm
Width:53.92 ~ 54.18 mm
Thickness:0.76 mm

Dispensing speed rate

>0.5pcs/s (only drive speed)

Loading quantity

Removable stacker 200pcs (0.76mm thickness cards)
Error card bin 10pcs ± 2pcs (0.76mm thickness cards)

Pre-empty detection

7 ~ 50pcs ± 2pcs (Factory standard Ex-work 15pcs)

Life time

Magnetic head:500,000 Min
IC contact and carrier:300,000 Min
Transportation :500,000 Min


> 100,000 hours(Only electronic components)

Communication interface



DC 24V ± 5%

Current consumption

Static 0.2A
Peak 3.0A(Normal 800mA)


Operation :0 ~ 50℃/0 ~ 90% RH(Non condensing)
Storage :-25 ~ 80℃/0 ~ 95% RH(Non condensing)


About 4.5kg

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