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RFID/IC Card Dispenser CRT-591-M

RFID/IC Card Dispenser CRT-591-M
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CRT-591-M card dispenser is the general purpose smart card dispenser for both RFID and contact IC cards.It Supports card dispensing/capturing/accepting and card reading & writing function. It’s well designed with a balance of cost and stability for bulk deployment.It is widly used in parking management system,automatic card-vending machine,ticket-vending system  etc.

Card dispenser CRT-591-M

Card dispenser CRT-591-M product feature

Flexible interface choice: RS-232, PC/SC(RS232+USB)

Card reading/writing module supports serial and USB communication

Internal card accepting/capturing function 

RS-232 communication interface,support inter communication among devices 

Balance of stability and cost with reliable performance

All-round ability of IC and RF card dispensing/collecting/reading/writing

Card dispenser CRT-591-M

Card dispenser CRT-591-M product specification

Card type

Contact Cards: ISO7816 T=0/T=1

Contactless Cards: ISO14443 Type A&TypeB

Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card,Mifare Plus,

Mifare Desfire

Communication Port

Power SupplyDC 24V±5%
Card thickness0.76mm±10% Suitable for embossed card
Card volume alarm
Retracted box capacity

25pcs±2pcs(0.76mm standard card)

IC card contact500,000 cycles 
About 2.0kg

Card dispenser CRT-591-M product application 

Card-issuing system

Ticket-vending system

Automatic card-vending machine

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