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RFID/IC/magnetic Card Dispenser

RFID/IC/magnetic Card Dispenser
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CRT-591-H is a new card dispenser with optimized structure for better stability.Used specifically for IC/RFID/Magnetic cards(width 53.92~54.18mm,Lenght:85.47~85.90mm), CRT-591-H  is widely used in many applications such as parking management system,automatic card-vending machine,hotel self-service card-issuing system etc.


By keeping the compact and lightweight design, the dispenser uses the card hooking mechanism, integrated contact chip card reader and error card bin for recording and issuing cards smoothly.

RFID/IC/magnetic card dispenser CRT-591-H product features 

Enable retract & issue IC/RFID/Magnetic stripe card read only 

IC/RFID(optional)card read/write,magnetic stripe card read only 

With hook mechanism,fixed card thickness (for flat card or embossed card)

Removable card stacker,anti-reversing design when loading card 

With dual card stackers,dual error card bins design,support cards classifying and recyling process.

Security management for card stacker & erroe card bin 

Card empty,pre-empty,card bin status detection with alarm 

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