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SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720-B For Telecom

SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720-B For Telecom
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Product Details

CRT-720-B is our latest Mini SIM Card dispenser,with IC read/write modules which is compatible with PC/SC. The dispenser is designed for initialization and vending purpose of telecom company.

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B  product features

Stable and accurate belt transmission and push dispensing mechanism

Card empty,pre-empty,error card bin status detected with alarm function

Removable cassette,flexible card expansion

Compact design for easy assembly

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B  product Specifications

card dimensionWidth:15±0.1mm, Length:25±0.1mm
card thickness0.68mm±10%
communication interfaceUSB CDC/RS-232
card stacker capacity
50/120 (0.68mm standard card)
retracted box capacity6~9pcs (0.68mm standard card)
card volume alarm23~28pcs
driving parts500,000 cycles
IC card contact300,000 cycles

SIM card dispenser CRT-720-B  product applications

Self-service telecom account-openning dispenser

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