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SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720-B

SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720-B
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CRT-720-B card dispenser is ideal for telecommunication systems,The SIM card read/write module is designed to read sim cards and write information.with selectable card box options, max to 120pcs.

CRT-720-B card dispenser

CRT-720-B card dispenser main Characteristics

Industrial design, adjust to high temperature and other bad environments

Error card bin status detected with alarm function

Pre-dispense function accelerate dispensing speed;

Adjustable of card stacker with a capacity of 120pc each

Compact design for easy assembly

CRT-720-B card dispenser

CRT-720-B card dispenser main technical data

Operating voltage  DC 24V±10%

Operating temperature: 0°C to 90°C

Card available:width: 15±0.1mm,length: 25±0.1mm

Thickness: 0.68±10%mm 

Weight of card dispenser:about:700g

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