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SIM Card Issuing Machine CRT-720-B

SIM Card Issuing Machine CRT-720-B
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CRT-720-B series card SIM card dispenser is primarily applied to SIM card issuing system.

CRT-720-B SIM card dispenser

The replaceable capture box is adopted to make the machine more convenient for users' card management and effectively reduce time for card loading.

CRT-720-B SIM card dispenser

CRT-720-B SIM card dispenser product features

Supports SIM card (width 15±0.1mm,length:25±0.1mm) issuing and reading/writing.

Pushing way to dispense card: improves the success rate of issuing cards.

Built-in standard PC/SC card reader,card dispensing with hook

Card empty,pre-empty,error card bin status detected with alarm function

Removable cassette,flexible card expansion 

Compact design for easy assembly

CRT-720-B SIM card dispenser product specifications

Card dimension width:15±0.1mm,Length:25±0.1mm
Card thickness0.68mm±10%
Communication interfaceUSB CDC(virtual serial port) RS-232
Power SupplyDC24V±10%
Card stacker capacity50/120 (0.68mm standard card)
Retracted box capacity6~9pcs (0.68mm standard card)
Card volume alarm23~28pcs
IC card contact300,000cycles
Driving parts500,000cycles

CRT-720-B SIM card dispenser product applications

Self-service telecom account-openning dispenser

We can customize products aaccording to your needs.

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