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High Quality ID Card Scanner CRT-603-700

High Quality ID Card Scanner CRT-603-700
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CRT-603-700 is a kind of Chinese resident ID card information acquisition equipment, which contains the front and back image scanning function of ID card, and also reads the chip data of the second generation ID card. With the increasing demand for identity checking, this equipment is widely used in public security, finance, insurance, telecommunications, hotels, Internet cafes and other industries.

ID  card scanner CRT-603-700

The main features of this equipment are as follows: 

Double-sided scanning of two generation ID cards and aliens permanent residence identity card images

Synchronously read all the information of the two generation ID cards and foreigners' permanent residence identity cards when scanning.

Store color or grayscale ID card images

As a single computer directly connected to the desktop.

Being embedding terminal devices as internal modules

Force to eject the card by pressing the key.

Support for the application software development through SDK

Compatible with scanning of bank cards and other size cards.

ID  card scanner CRT-603-700 Product specification

System  platform

Windows  Support XP or above system 64/32 bit




Sensor type  CIS (Contact image sensor)

Scan type  Front, back, double-sided scanning

Scan resolution 150dpi/300dpi

Scanning width  54mm

Scanning length  86mm

Card thickness  0.5~1.25mm

Scanning speed

Image scanning speed <50mm/s

ID card reading + image scanning time <4s

Power supply  DC12V 2A

ID  card scanner CRT-603-700 Product application

Financial industry/self-service terminal

ID card identification system

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