Contactless Module

Contactless Module CRT-603-V20 For Security Terminal

Contactless Module CRT-603-V20 For Security Terminal
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CRT-603-V20 is a contactless RFID module based on 13.56MHZ through RS232 interface.complies with PC/SC standard, ISO14443 standard applicable to type A and type B contactless cards and ISO14443-3 standard applicable to MIFARE series contactless cards.adapt for outside enviorment with feature of high security, reliability and robust life time. Be available for application in electrics, telecommunication, petroleum and financial industry.

Contactless module CRT-603-V20

Contactless module CRT-603-V20 product feature

High speed RFID card reading/writing module

Mifare & Light standard compliant

High reliability, low power consumption design

Independent RFID board and main board

Auto-scan RFID card and anti-collision of multiple cards

Support Windows XP, Windows 7

Data storing spare for card reading. Writing and other functions

Provide various customized service

Contactless module CRT-603-V20 product specification

Card type

IC Card: ISO7816-1,2,3,4

Support T=0,T=1 PSAM Card

RFID Card: ISO 14443 Type A & B

Support Mifare I S50,S70,UL Card,Mifare Plus,

Mifare desfire

Communication Protocol

Compatible with:603V10 protocol

ZLG500 protocol

RFID card ISO14443 Type A & B

Support Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card,Mifare Plus,

Mifare Desfire

Communication interfaceRS-232


Above 100,000hrs electronic parts only


Environment conditions



WeightAbout 100g

Contactless module CRT-603-V20 product application


Automatic fare collection(AFC) system

ID identification system

Card Management System

Meter retail system

Parking System

Access control system

Security terminal

Payment kiosk

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