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Insert Card Reader,Tanker Card Reader,CRT-288-K

Insert Card Reader,Tanker Card Reader,CRT-288-K
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CRT-288-K is a manual insert card reader with controlled card latch,supports read ISO standard magnetic stripe cards, RFID cards and IC card and performs the following features:  

Electric card latch and release function. Card could be retrieved once latched if you pull by over 15 N of pulling force

RS232/USB interface (automatically detect interface)

Agile magnetic stripe reading type: Read when insert/withdraw and uploaded passively /actively

Long Life time (500,000 times)

Industry conceiving, surface dealing with roast paint, well bearable cubing and rotting. Be suitable to all kinds of bad environment, such as high, low, and mush dust, etc.

Customization services

Variety of bezel options,PSAM options

Insert card reader CRT-288-K

Insert card reader CRT-288-K product specification

PowerDC 5V±5% or USB 
Power Consumption Work current:<200 mA
InterfaceRS232 or USB Interface (Automatically detect) 

Card Specification

Width:53.92~54.18 mm    

Length:85.47~85.90 mm

Thickness:0.76mm ± 0.08 mm

Net WeightApprox. 240g (Excluding accessory and package) 

Life time

Magnetic head 1,000,000 times Min

IC card contact carrier and 

contact: 300,000 times Min

Latch Mechanism: 500,000 times Min


Operation:0℃-50℃,0~90% RH( non-condensing )

Storage:-25℃~80℃,0~95% RH ( non-condensing ,dried before usage ) 

Normal environment:15~25℃,35~60%RH

Insert card reader CRT-288-K product application

Media inquiry machine

Recharging machine


Self-service terminal

Vending machine


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