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Insertion Card Reader CRT-288-B For Gaming Machine

Insertion Card Reader CRT-288-B For Gaming Machine
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CRT-288-B is a manual insertion card reader,supports IC/RFID card read/write and PSAM card,all kinds of card need to be compliant with related standard.

insertion card reader CRT-288-B

CRT-288-B insertion card reader product feature

Hybrid functions for RFID and IC card Read Write

Special buffle design to prevent card cutting & foreign object inserting

Compact,easy maintenance

Ready to use on-board PSAM slot and flexible dual interface

CRT-288-B insertion card reader provides an economical and stable solution for Contact dip card reading writing.It's applicable in the following areas:

Self-service terminal

Multimedia telephone

Medical and insurance system

Gaming machine

Oiling machine

Public phones

CRT-288-B insertion card reader product specification

Card type

IC card ISO7816-1,2,3,4

support T=0、T=1 CPU Card

T=0、T=1 PSAM card

RFID card ISO14443 type A & B

Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card 

Card dimension



Power supplyDC5V±5% USB powered
Communication interfaceRS-232/USB (HID)
Operation currentIdle <50mA Peak<200mA
Micro switch500,000 cycles
IC card contact300,000 cycles
Weightabout 200g

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