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Kiosk Card Reader CRT-288-B

Kiosk Card Reader CRT-288-B
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The CRT-288-B manual insertion card reader allows for fast and reliable reading of magstripe and smart card data on cards that meet the ISO7816-1,2,3,4 specifications. Its ergonomically designed chassis allows for easy user interface, and ensures accurate and consistent card reading under all is ideal solution for environments such as ATM, vending machine, or self-service kiosks.

kiosk card reader CRT-288-B

kiosk card reader CRT-288-B product feature

Compact & light, high reliability & durability

Clog-proof, dust-proof, good environmental adaptability

Read ISO standard magnetic stripe cards, RFID cards and IC card

Electric card latch and release function

RS232/USB interface (automatically detect interface)

kiosk card reader CRT-288-B product specification

Card type

IC card ISO7816-1,2,3,4

Support T=0、T=1 CPU card

Support T=0、T=1 PSAM card 


RFID card ISO14443 Type A & B

Support Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card 

Card dimension




Power supply
DC5V±5% USB powered
Communication interfaceRS-232/USB (HID)

Operation current



Micro switch
500,000 cycles
IC card contact
300,000 cycles
WeightAbout 200g

kiosk card reader CRT-288-B product application

Multimedia kiosk

Access control system

Vending machine

Gaming machine

Refueling terminal

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