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Dip Card Reader CRT-288-C

Dip Card Reader CRT-288-C
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CRT-288-C is a dip card reader for RFID/IC/magnetic stripe card operation,with the function of locking and ejecting the card automaticlly.It is widly used in many applications such as recharging machine,media inquiry machine,access control system etc.

dip card reader,EMV card reader CRT-288-C

Dip card reader,EMV card reader  CRT-288-C has below main features:

IC & RF card reading & writing, magnetic stripe card read only

Special baffle design for protecting reader from foreign object

Small dimensions, easy maintenance, cost efficient

Customization services


Magnetic stripe

ISO 7810, 7811

Track 1,2,3 Hi-co/Lo-co read only

Contact smart card

ISO 7816-1,2,3,4

CPU card (T=0, T=1)

(Support)T=0,T=1 PSAM card

Contactless smart card (optional)

ISO 14443 type A & B, Mifare one, S50,S70

,ULMifare plus, and Desfire 

PowerDC 12V±10%
Life time

Micro switch: 500,000 times Min 

IC contact: 300,000 times Min

Environment conditions

Operation: 0℃~50℃,0~90% RH (Non condensing)

Storage: -25℃~80℃,0~95% RH (Non condensing)

Dimension78mm (W) * 35.1mm (H) * 110.5mm (L)

Competitive Advantages

-    RFID/IC card read/write, magnetic stripe card read only.

-    Electric card latch and release function. Card could be retrieved once latched if you pull by over 15 N of pulling force

-    RS232/USB interface (automatically detect interface)

-    Agile magnetic stripe reading type: Read when insert/withdraw and uploaded passively /actively

-    Long Life time (500,000 times)


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