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Insert Card Reader CRT-288-K For Vending Machine

Insert Card Reader CRT-288-K For Vending Machine
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CRT-288-K is a manual insert card reader supports IC/RFID card read/writer and magnetic card read.

All kinds of cards need to comply with the relevant card standard, please refer to specific technical specification,the main features as below:

IC/RFID card read/write,mangnetic stripe card read only

Compact and highly reliable design

Easy Integration and Quick installation

With automatic card latch or unlatch for locking function

Variety of bezel options,PSAM options

EMV & PBOC certified 

Insert card reader CRT-288-K is widely used in media inquiry machine,recharging machine,tanker,self-service terminal,vending machine etc.

Insert card reader CRT-288-K

Insert card reader CRT-288-K product specifications

Card type 

Magnetic card  ISO7810,ISO7811 

 IC card  ISO7816-1,2,3,4

Support T=0 T=1 CPU Card 

Support T=0 T=1 PSAM card 

Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card ,Mifare Plus,Mifare Desfire

Card dimension




Power supplyDC5V±5% USB powered
Communication interfaceRS-232/USB (HID)
Operation current< 250mA
Magnetic head 1,000,000 cycles
IC card contact300,000  cycles
Latch mechanism500,000 cycles
M.T.B.F>100,000 hours (Electronic components only)

Environmental conditions

Operation 0~50℃/0~90%RH  



About 240g

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