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3 In 1 Kiosk Motorized Card Reader CRT-310

3 In 1 Kiosk Motorized Card Reader CRT-310
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The motorized card reader CRT-310 is a high reliable and space saving device, and the mechanism offer accurate and efficient card encoding for self-service terminal, kiosks, payment system,media inquiries machine, parking system,access control system etc.

Motorized card reader CRT-310

Motorized card reader CRT-310 product feature

IC/RFID card read/writer,magnetic stripe read only 

Support power-down eject card,PSAM options

Dust and foreign object resistance bezel design

Compatible with various communication protocols

3 in one: IC card and RFID card read/write; magnetic card read only. The three features can be used alone or simultaneously

Auto card insertion/ejection: Auto insertion, card in, out or captured can be controlled

Optional accessories: The special eject card subassembly; Power off protect; DC 24V to 12V transfer board PSAM board

EMV & PBOC certified

Motorized card reader CRT-310 product specification

Card standard

IC Card :ISO7816 -1,2,3,4

Magnetic Card:ISO7810 ID-1,7811

RFID Card:ISO 14443-A(Mifire one)

WeightApprox. 410g


Magnetic head:500,000 cycles min

IC card Contact:300,000 cycles min

Rubber wheel:500,000 cycles min

Motor:500,000 cycles min


Power supplyDC 12V +/-5%


Operation:0~50 oC /0~90%RH(No condensing)

Storage: -10~75 oC /0~90%RH(No condensing)

Motorized card reader CRT-310 product application

Self-service terminal

Self-service recharging payment machine

Electronic purse 

Vending machine 


Adding value machine 

Multi-media information kiosk

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