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Compact Size Motorized Card Reader CRT-310-N

Compact Size Motorized Card Reader CRT-310-N
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CRT-310-N motorized card reader product is a kind of highly efficient automatic equipment. It supports magnetic card read only / contact card and  contactless card read-write, can be applied to card-involving consumption systems, such as telecom, bank, KOISK terminal,tax revenue system, traffic control system, etc.

Motorized card reader CRT-310-N

Motorized card reader CRT-310-N product feature

Support IC Card/RF Card(read and write) , Magnetic Card(read only)

LED light indicate was built-in front of the port

Automatic shutter,unlock by magnetic control or by switch

Dithered in card available for preventing magnetic card being copied

High precision card transmitting channel(moulding)

Extremely strong card compatibility

Double protection port can prevent foreign things entering into machine effectively

Compatible with a lot of communication protocol

Support customized service

Many card stay position suitable to different card operation

Eject or retrieve card when power off

Motorized card reader CRT-310-N product specification

Card Standards

Magnetic card (Read Only) ISO7810,7811

Contact IC card (Read and Write) ISO-7816

Contactless RF card  ISO-14443 Type A & B

Mifare 1 S50,S70,UL card 

Mifare PLUS,Mifare Desfire

Power Supply12VDC ± 5% 
InterfaceRS-232/USB (HID)
Card entry statusRegularity / Dithered mode

Card size

53.92~54.18mm Width

85 +/- 1.5mm Length

0.76+/-0.08mm thickness

Electric protect

Over voltage or Power Positive and negative were connected wrong
Life time

Magnetic head ≥500,000 ; IC contact ≥300,000

WeightAbout 410g

Motorized card reader CRT-310-N product application

Self-service Teminal


Automatic vending machine

Self-service card recharing machine  

Electronic purse/Wallet 

Retail POS terminal

Traffic control system

Other ID terminal

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