Motorized Card Readers

High Quality Magnetic Card Reader CRT-310-N

High Quality Magnetic Card Reader CRT-310-N
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CRT-310-N is a motor card reader Read magnetic card, support many types of contact, contactless IC card reading/writing,with card captured/ ejected and 3-card in one function. the whole machine comprises of three independent module,easy to disassemble and clean machine.

Magnetic card reader CRT-310-N

Magnetic card reader CRT-310-N product feature

3-card in one:Mag-card read, IC card read & write, contactless IC card read & write.

Electromagnetic controlled shutter, the commands support Mag/switch controlled open.

Motorized card captured and ejected with the function of card retrieved at rear end. 

Installed dimension and location of bezel holes are completely compatible with SANKYO ICT-3K7-3R6940(height is difference);

Communication protocol, fault tolerant and card processing are same as SANKYO ICT-3K7-3R6940;

High reliability and durability;

CE and EMC certification;

Power traced and power down protected

PBOC3.0 and EMV4.1 certified(contact IC card);

ICRW life: at least 600,000 cycles(one cycle is card in and out);

Optional parts:PSAM board

Magnetic card reader CRT-310-N product specification

Power supply DC 12V±5%

Current consumption

Idle current:less than 150 mA 

Peak current:less than 1500 mA

SpeedAround 300mm/s

Card specification

Width:53.92~54.18 mm,Length:85.47~85.90 mm


Net Mass

Approximately 410g

(not including accessories and package)

Magnetic card reader CRT-310-N product application


Self-service terminal

Payment system

Retail POS terminal

Traffic control system

Other ID terminal

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