Face Recognition Thermometer

Smart Gate Integrating Infrared Thermometer,Infrared Body Temperature Detector

Smart Gate Integrating Infrared Thermometer,Infrared Body Temperature Detector
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T-311 is a smart gate integrating infrared thermometer, face and finger vein recognition, identification

authentication. Powered by a high-performance infrared thermometer and biometric liveness, it provides nearinstant recognition processing with utmost accuracy. Extra temperature measurement modules also help realize functions for non-contact body temperature measurements for epidemic prevention or other emergencies,as serving as a reliable alternative of manual identification and temperature measurement in various scenarios like metros and business districts.


smart gate integrating infrared thermometer,Infrared Body Temperature Detector 

T-311 product function

Body temperature measurement

Abnormal temperature alarm and access denied

Mask wearing detection (opt.)

Identification & authentication

1:1 or 1:N face recognition

Encrypted data for tracing and tracking

smart gate integrating infrared thermometer,Infrared Body Temperature Detector

T-311 product feature

Integration of identification and thermometer enabling fast installation in various scenarios.

Industry-leading face recognition algorithm providing instant recognition with upmost accuracy (finger vein recognition optional).

Innovative liveness detection technology efficiently preventing most fraudulent attacks,such as photographs,videos,and masks.

Acoustic and light alarm and access denied for invalid authentication or abnormal temperatures efficiently automating monitoring and controlling.

Enclosed automatic calibration through black body sourece reducing errors without manual intervention.



Authentication Method

Card reader, QR code, NFC optional

Identification Supported

 ID card optional 

(Authorized by police department)


Standard: 600mm 

(Wide passage in 900mm opt.)

Temperature Measurement



(Recommoned distance in 0.5~1.2m)

Data Output 

Temperature data in full range


CoreARM hexa-core,64-bit processor,2.0GHz,2GB RAM(4GB opt.)


16GB (128GB opt.)

Operation System


Environment & Power 

Working Environment




Recommend to be used indoors

Power Input220V+10%~-15%,50Hz±4%

Power Consumption


Non-contact Thermometer,Face Recognition Thermometer module T-311 product application

Epidemic Situation

Non-contact automatic measurement, safe and efficient

Instant alarm for abnormal targets, accurate and controllable

Data storage for identity, body temperature and face photos, easy to trace

Normal Situation

Face recognition with liveness detection,efficient for anti-spoofing

Automatic authentication with face and identification

Data storage for identity, easy to trace

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