2009.12Creator ranked No.152 of Shenzhen top 500 middle size enterprise

2009.11Creator got patents for motor card reader anti-skimming&anti-fishing function

2009.6CRT-284/CRT-288/388 card reader got EMV certificate

2009.3CRT-350 motor reader got EMV certificate

2008.12Creator was honored as hi-tech enterprise by the Nation

2008.11Creator promoted low cost motor reader CRT-388 for gaming industry

2008.10Creator got IC card & device production license

2008.8CRT-350 motor reader passed CE

2007.123 all in 1 reader connecting the third party product attain nation patent number

2007.11Spring-contact module”attain nation patent

2006.11Transmission gear with synchronized structure mounted at the both side of reader”attain nation patent

2006.113 all in 1 motor card reader attain EMV certification

2006.9CRT-3XX model for IC card operation passed PBOC2.0 detecting

2005.11Screw knob for gap adjustment”attain nation patent

2005.8Lock card and auto eject by release for card reader”attain nation patent

2005.5Worm wheel- worm motor card reader” attain nation patent

2005.1bezel for card reader”attain nation patent

2004.6Shenzhen Creator joined China Communication Industry Assocication and got The Member Certificate

2003.8Shenzhen Creator was honored as Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise by Shenzhen Government.

2003.4Shenzhen Creator got the Certificate of Hi-tech Industry Association Member

2003.2New-model IC card carrier dolly was honored Applied New-model Patent

2003.1New-model IC card contact was honored Applied New-model Patent

2002.7Shenzhen Creator Technology Co., Ltd got Certificate of ISO 9001

2002.2CRM----Customer relation management system started using.