RF card reader: application of RFID technology in fishing vessels

- Feb 02, 2016 -

Innovation application of RFID technology in China's coastal areas, the basic realization of the boat deck, electronic visa management, statistical fishing vessels entering and leaving Hong Kong, electronic and electronic business management needs of law enforcement, for the management of fishing has brought significant results, further improve the fishing boat safety control Informationization management, provides a scientific basis for future development of relevant fisheries standards and important reference. It all relies on RFID and RF card reader.
More fishing in coastal cities in China, mainly for family workshops, separate one, the lack of effective harmonization of regulatory measures, for fishing vessels and marine fishery resources protection of the disadvantaged. In support of the radio frequency identification technology, China began to strengthen the management of fishing boats, many are beginning to install RFID tags according to their fishing vessels, and RF card reader in the management port settings.
Use of RFID technology to achieve fishing non-contact inspection, can significantly improve the efficiency of law enforcement officers. Through the implementation of the project will directly promote RFID technology and linkage of RF card reader in the relevant field, promote the competitiveness of industry chain form, effectively promote the application of RFID technology in marine fisheries development.

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