RF card reader: RFID card system design

- Feb 02, 2016 -

Many heat treatment industry managementsystems, credit card management system based on RFID radio frequency technology is alreadyin use, but they have some drawbacks: RF cardreader connects directly with the client,increasing the client hardware requirements;no and RF card reader is connected to theclient when reading the information cannot bedisplayed in any client information, credit card information is accurate. The fixedcharge system, with the rapid spread ofmobile terminals, we must introduce theability to blend different RFID card systemfor mobile devices.

RFID electronic label technology is a non-contact type of automatically recognition technology, it through RF signal automatically recognition target object and gets related data, recognition work not need artificial intervention, as barcode of wireless version, RF card reader because has barcode by not has of antimagnetic, and waterproof, and resistance high temperature, and using life long, and label Shang data can encryption, and read distance big, and storage information change freely, and storage data capacity more big, advantages, its application will to logistics, and retail, industry brings huge of changes.

RF card reader innovative, business alsobenefited.

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