RFID reader: farm management of fruits and vegetables

- Feb 02, 2016 -

Use RFID reader in the farm management of fruits and vegetables, can increase efficiency.
Melons planted a large number of soil moisture and fertilizer in the garden sensors, collect moisture and fertility in a timely manner, through wireless access point returns the data field control center, and then follow the instructions to start a drip irrigation system for crops added moisture and nutrients. However, site inspection is essential.
Using preset numbers of non-contact RFID (radio frequency identification, is a communications technology) cards, field of each inspection system is usually set up checkpoints. Followed by a day the RFID card, RFID reader in the hands of induction for them.
By RFID reader reads the RIFD tag records, combined with the weather and temperature in the subsequent period, farm management systems can provide accurate harvest date suggestions.

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