RFID reader: increase productivity

- Feb 02, 2016 -

RFID acquisition system optimization and improved packaging workshop, warehouse, logistics processes, enabling packaging line operations and product warehousing and distribution is more accurate, standardized, data and modern, RFID reader and RFID data acquisition rate above 99.5%.
UHF RFID label sets a number of patented technologies, globally unique codes, digital signature, transfer, copy-proof characteristics using fragile paper-sheet metal antenna production and processing technology, ensures the label high performance requirements, anti-and mass transfer characteristics and can meet the demands of economic production and use of RFID reader, making the efficiency is greatly raised.
Line, and products out storage, and logistics, all field system can is divided into four a part: electronic label is by RFID of line for package production; information collection in packaging line achieved data of collection; circulation recognition distribution in country of dot, RFID reader on circulation link in the of products for recognition; read and validation involves large of read and write device equipment to on data for read and validation, through background has independent of data center, support has all of data writes, and read out, and query, and validation, and Access and data mining.
RFID reader technology support, productivity is greatly increased.

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