RFID reader: RFID value asset management

- Feb 02, 2016 -

All enterprises will manage the operating equipment, packaging is a valuable asset, businesses to management often takes considerable time and effort. If there is no appropriate management systems, valuable asset management will be very limited. Asset management by means of RFID reader can be effective.
RFID has a global unique identification code, fast-loading characteristics, and with anti-theft tracking capabilities. Valuable asset management is ideal for, can be used to assist the enterprise to complete valuable asset management RFID. Real-time understanding of asset condition, quantity and location of the system information accuracy is very high, boundary error is small, adjustable 2~7 meters can be achieved; RFID tag tamper switch is very sensitive, once it has been removed, you can immediately alert; precious asset management for enterprise, you can automatically identify valuable assets out of/into, if there are non-identifying asset storage alert RFID reader; the whole system of low power consumption, no radiation, safe to use.
Working principle:
1, on the need to control fixed assets RFID electronic tags under field environment in controlled areas and entrances to install RFID device or antenna
2, in the monitored area to install a certain number of assets of RFID equipment and antennas, monitoring assets by region covers full range signal, real-time status information assets
RFID reader application improves the efficiency of asset management.

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