RFID reader: student attendance system

- Feb 02, 2016 -

With the development of information technology, smart card everywhere in life. RFID cards and RFID reader is gradually replacing conventional contact-type IC card, becoming the new trend in the field of smart cards.
RFID cards due to the successful combination of RFID and IC card technology, solve the problem of source-free and contactless, therefore, has incomparable advantage compared with magnetic cards and contactless IC card. RFID cards, induced by the IC chip antenna, fully enclosed in a standard PVC card, no exposed parts. Student attendance system using radio frequency identification technology, the students ' attendance, records, and other functions.
Through the roll call, magnetic and contactless IC card to the students of class attendance, records management, can be time consuming and prone to interference and non-contact RFID school attendance system using radio frequency identification technology on students ' attendance management both convenient and save time. Student attendance system made up of transponders and RFID reader, transponder tags (cards), and RFID card reader supported by U2270B RF base station device and circuit, MCU and its supporting master device circuits and peripheral interface (keyboard, LCD clock and serial module).
Student attendance system design is the core of the RFID reader, RFID reader RF base station is the key of the device, the device of main data modulation, transmitting and RF and data demodulation tasks.

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