Afraid Of Stolen Brush Bank Card? This Combined Password Cracking Takes 35,000 Years

The British "Daily Mail" reported that the British 10 most commonly used passwords can be broken in less than a second, and if the password used by security experts exposure method, hackers spend 227 million years to solve open.

If we do not want to be stolen identity card or stolen bank card, we have more snacks in the network security. Want to know how quickly hackers crack your password? British online retail electronics company technical experts gave the answer. According to experts in 2016, the most commonly used passwords for the 10 Britons, including "qwerty" and "123123" typed along the keyboard, according to statistics from 2016, can be cracked in less than 1 second. Some people think it is safe to choose a good word and do not have your own password, for example, the name of your lover, but this is not the case. From social media sources, hackers easily track your personal information, including your birthdays, pet names, where you grew up, where your holidays are most enjoyed, and your favorite team, which is not appropriate Set as password. If you use a period of time separated from the birthday password, hackers only need 13 seconds to crack.

However, if you set the password according to a specific method, it may take up to 4 trillion years to crack it at most. The British Ministry of the Interior's cybersecurity experts suggest that choosing three uncorrelated random words to compose a password, such as "tea brown picture," would cost 35,000 years for an uninformed word combination password cracker; if you add a number in the middle, you will have to spend 227 million years ago. On the basis of the above, with special symbols, the time for cracking will increase to 4 trillion years, equivalent to the immortalization of this code.

In addition, the experts also suggested not to be in trouble, it is best to e-mail, online banking accounts and other important accounts set a different password.

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