Card Dispenser CRT-591-Q For ID Card

CRT-591-Q is a disorder card dispenser for ID card,it can  document up to 2000 pieces of ID cards to designated slots,and it locates and dispenses target card from the recorded position.

Through this equipment, the disordering card operator can complete the evidence service at any time after completing the early business,without the involvement of the relevant personnel of the certification office.

ID card dispenser CRT-591-Q

                                                         ID card dispenser  CRT-591-Q

 In order to optimize the business process of the certification office, it saves manpower and improves the efficiency of business management. Provide customers with a better service experience, so that customers can be more convenient to receive self-help disordering card according to their own time,this equipment features are as following:

Support ID card automatic warehousing and automatic card removal;

High-capacity card stackers for total 2000 cards, each card is placed in a individual card slot and corresponds to the unique coordinates, it also supports to manually check card slot;

With the functions of detecting for card empty, pre-empty, cassette status

One dispenser module for 100 pcs cards sending;

Support the old card retrieved and batch of cards clearing.

The device is equipped with a recycling box, with the function of detecting of card error bin full, card error bin status

Support ID card information reading

Support card inventory function;

Support ID card information storage and recording function;

High-speed access cards for saving your time;

High reliability transmission structure design;

Unique rotor stacker design for easy maintenance;

Card stackers and recycling boxes are drawer structure, user-friendly operation