Chip Card Reader CRT-310-N Power Connection Illustrating

Chip card reader CRT-310-N power connection illustrating

power supply connection illustrating

Chip card reader CRT-310-N with two methods:

1)Single main power connection(shown as following picture 1)

Red & brown mixed wire connected to +12V,black wire connected to GND

2)Main power + back-up capacitor (for card ejected after power down) connection method(shown as following picture 2)

Red connected to +12V,black connected to GND

Brown wire connected to back-up capacitor + terminal,black wire connected to backup

capacitor - terminal.

Power socket:S6B-PH-SM4-TB terminal:PHR-6

Communication socket:S9B-PH-SM4-TB terminal:PHR-9

Drawing of power cable and RS232 communication cable: 

Chip card reader

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