CRT-310 Motor Card Readers Widely Used

CRETOR motor card reader CRT-310 is automatic reading and writing special equipment, support magnetic card, IC card, RFID card, with electric gate, support for power-down eject card, support PSAM card, support Storage IC card, and a variety of cards supporting RFID cards conforming to the ISO14443 TypeA/TypeB specification

CRETOR motor card reader CRT-310

The CRT-310 motor card reader achieves extremely high card reading success rate and less failure rate, greatly improving the service life. The automatic electric gate effectively protects the machine from running on site, and the electro-elastic card function can ensure that the device is suddenly powered off. automatically eject the card or swallow the card to protect the security of the user card

CRT-310 motor card readers are widely used in automatic terminals, consumer systems, telecommunications, banks,koisk terminals and more.