Emirates ID Distributes 100,000 ID Card Readers To Educational Institutions

The Emirates Identity Authority has distributed more than 100,000 electronic ID card readers to UAE educational institutions including schools and private and government universities with the aim of helping the institutions shorten the time required for completing their transactions, reducing their expenses and making better use of the efforts of their staff.

In a news item published in today’s Al Emarat Al Youm newspaper, Aisha Al Rayesi, Executive Director of Central Operations Sector at the Emirates ID, said the Emirates ID had distributed the devices to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and most UAE colleges and universities with the aim of activating the use of the ID card as part of the e-services provided to the customers of these institutions.

This year, the Emirates ID is continuing to distribute tens of thousands of e-readers to government organizations and a number of higher educational institutions, colleges, universities and the private sector in the UAE, she added.

Al Rayesi underlined the importance of the e-reader project for enabling the ID card’s electronic chip to be read in a few moments, easing the completion of daily regular and electronic transactions and optimizing the ID card’s sophisticated electronic and digital apps, not to mention minimizing the time taken for completing transactions and reducing their expenses.

The use of ID card readers in government and private organizations including educational institutions contributes to making better use of the efforts of the staff and increasing their productivity as well as gaining the satisfaction of customers (students) through easing and streamlining their procedures, allowing the fingerprint available on the card to be electronically matched and possibly dealing with the card through a web browser, she said.

Stating that the Emirates ID adopted a systematic plan to distribute the readers, Al Rayesi explained that the plan targeted university students in order to encourage the development of advanced apps in the field of using the smart ID card and conducting scientific research in this connection in such a manner that supports the evolution of the UAE advanced ID management system and government and economic transformation and enhances the UAE competitiveness worldwide. This step allows university and college students and researchers to launch such creative and innovative ideas that will make more optimal use of the ID card and personal identification apps, particularly in light of the shift towards electronic transactions via the cyberspace and the official orientation towards the concept of smart government, she said.

Through its website, the Emirates ID provides a package of integrated IT software, which is compatible with all types of smart ID card readers and allows UAE public and private organizations to download the e-reader software, enabling them to easily deal with the ID card by reading the contents of the electronic chip within seconds in addition to providing technical support to the beneficiaries of the ID card reader software, Al Rayesi said, noting that dozens of technical workshops were held with over 150 entities.