How The Card Dispenser Works?

When it is power-on, card dispenser will automatically detect all its photoelectric sensors, to detect whether the card is in pre-empty state or empty state(with alarming signal and buzzing output)and test the wayside inductor signal, key-press input; automatically preset the card to the required position; dispense cards with high speed or safely capture the invalid cards according to the command of the system client-side.

After powering on,if there are cards in the stack holder,dispenserR will automatically fill a card in the slit, and execute the command to transmit the card to the slot while a command of dispensing is received,via R/W the card to verify whether the card should be dispensed normally, if normal then waitfor a client to extract the card,if the card hasn’t been extracted in a certainperiod of time then the card will be reclaimed; if the equipment receives a level signal to reclaim during the waiting period,then it will reclaim the card immediately.

During the process of filling/dispensing/reclaiming, if the card is deformed, stained or there is a local malfunction, the dispenser willautomatically adjust the card and have reciprocating-motions for five times,if still not right, it will stop all actions,wait a next command or manual intervention while sending an error signal to client-side,at the same time the buzzer will buzz to alarm the error and the LED will flash along.

When the card stack holder is in pre-empty state,dispenser will output a “short of cards” signal while the buzzer will be alarming with flashing LCD. When there is no card in the cylinder,dispenser will output an “empty” signal likewise.