How To Adjust The Card Thickness Of Card Dispenser CRT-541

CRT-541 makes it more accurate and convenient to dispense the cards in different thickness via rotating the turn-knob to different gear position so as to adjust the gap between the upper and lower transmitting wheels, which can eliminate the inconvenient and inaccurate gap adjustment defects. With this feature, CRT-541 card dispenser is quite suitable for the unattended vending devices to dispense various cards of distinct thickness.

There are several steps to adjust the thickness of cards:

1.Confirm the thickness of cards ( Raised type character are not involved in)

2.Push the turn-knob and turn around to the graduation pointed by the red arrow. Seeing pictures below.

3.Make sure the adjustment on the right position by insert cards from stacker. (Inserting one card from stacker will be smooth and two cards simultaneously from behind can be impossible)

Card dispenser CRT-541