How To Install A Smart Card Reader

Smart reader is now a very popular card reader, it can be done for most of the smart card read/write issues, preservation, records, and so on, for such instruments must need a good Setup:
First, the installation process: Reader installation ensure the appliance level, because later you want to connect and tests, so the first step to ensure that the instruments.
Second, reader's connection: smart card reader connected to the computer system, so the connection interface of the USB interface and the reader needs to be connected, and install the software.
Three work tests, reader: reader connected to the computer system can generally be applied, but you want to test, test smart card reader is working correctly.
In addition to the above steps, some instruments are needed to install a specific driver to work properly. So you need on the computer currently connected reader installs the appropriate driver, he seemed to have a bit of trouble. Lotus series smart card reader with USB drive, plug in model, eliminating the need for you to install the driver troubles.