Latin America Bank Card Chinese Chip

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Yan Chen Weihua

"I'm sorry, your bank card can not be brought in." "I'm sorry, your phone can not be brought in." A factory management so strict? That's right, because it is a factory specialized in producing information security products such as bank cards and mobile phone cards. Many chip bank cards, mobile phone cards and traffic cards used by residents in Latin American countries, including Brazil, are manufactured here. The holding company of this factory is a private enterprise from China.

In recent years, the financial cooperation between China and Latin American countries has flourished. The Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have successfully taken root in Brazil and even more Latin American countries and become the wavers in the tide of financial cooperation between China and Latin America. Echoing this, China's card makers are keeping up with the trend of the times and grabbing markets in Latin America.

With just over a million inhabitants in Brazil, you can see the Brazilian flag flying shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chinese national flag. The Brazilian company InterContinental, which is controlled by Beijing Catch Data Corp., is located in this small town named after the former President of Brazil.

In a well-managed workshop, you can see cards issued by major Brazilian banks such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Brazil and the Brasov Bank, as well as bank cards in countries such as Peru and Panama, Carrefour shopping cards, members of Metropolitan Insurance Companies Card and so on. The cards are made here, printed, compressed and installed on high quality professional paper imported from China. The cards are then sent to the company where the company's personal information is recorded at the company's factory in Sao Paulo or in the country where it is sent to consumers.

Bank card production in Latin America is a niche market, with no more than 10 Latin American-owned manufacturers. InterCorca production manager Massio Moreira said the company was established in 1999 with the authorization of global credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, with a current production capacity of 150,000 copies per month. There are also telecom cards, transportation cards and shopping card services, including the Olympic Games dedicated traffic card last year Rio Olympic Games is produced by Interweave.

As a smart card and information security company, there are 11 offices worldwide. In the first instance, Brazil held a product promotion campaign in Brazil in 2014, and subsequently acquired 57% of Intercontinental in 2016 as its holding company. At present, in addition to the system of manufacturing plant, the company also has a personalized writing card factory in Sao Paulo, and plans to bring more Chinese leading information security technology to the Latin American market.

"We are very bullish on the Brazilian market, with more than 200 million people in itself and the entire Latin American region, and we understand that in the area of payment security and transactional security products, Latin America and Asia There are still some gaps between them. I believe the branch office in Brazil can help improve the payment and information security market in Latin America that is mainly based in Brazil. "