Maintenance Method Of Card Dispenser CRT-541

Maintenance Method Of Card Dispenser CRT-541

After using for long time or dispensing amount of cards, the dispenser may be wearied out because of every part is running, so we need to do some maintenance to the machine. The steps as follows:

card dispenser CRT-541

1.Check the parts of the dispenser. If they become loose or abnormal, tighten them. 

2.Check the straps of drive wheels. If they become loose, calibrate the position of the elasticity wheel.

3.Use cleaning card or soft cloth with alcohol to clean the dispenser wheel in the bottom of the hopper and the drive wheel.

4.Use soft cloth with alcohol to clean the dirty cards and replace the distortion cards

5.Check the graduation of knob to see whether they are corresponding.

Cautions For Safe Use

1.Ensure the power is off while repairing the whole machine. 

2.Notice the cathode and anode of the machine power while power on for the first time.

3.Notice the Specification of JUMP when using for the first time, because improper JUMP will cause work off or unpredictable status.

4.Prohibit to inset or pull out the receptacle of the port when power on. Otherwise, the circuit of the controller circuit may be spoiled

5.Ensure the dispenser out of smear. The smear will affect the capability of the dispenser.

6.On the back of dispenser side board, there is a red soft manual “Reset” keystroke. When error or abnormal situation occurs on spot, then engineer can press this keystroke for reset. It is not used in general situation.

7.Reset function: cards cleaning up in stacker and withdraw cards.

8.Reset over time protection: Motor will stop running to protect itself if pressing the Reset bottom for a long time.