Maintenance Method Of Card Dispenser CRT-591-T

card dispenser CRT-591-T

CRT-591-T is a 3-stacker card dispenser machine used in banking or other self service devices. With 2 optional capacity of stacker and Creator’s card reader CRT-350-N at the front, the machine maintenance method as below:

After a long time usage, factors such as the machine’s transportation mechanism wear and tear, dust on sensor, magnetic head, IC card contact will influence the performance of the machine, and hence it should be maintained on a constant basis.。

Detail maintenance instruction is as following:

1.Use a cleaning card or a cloth with alcohol to clean the card dispensing

mechanism and card read/write mechanism. 

2.Pick out greasy card and deformed card, and clean the greasy card with soft

cloth tapped cleaning alcohol. If the deformed card is unable to restore, it is necessary

to replace this deformed card with normal one. 

3.Keep card pre-empty sensor clean by soft cloth with cleaning alcohol.

4.Periodic maintenance:sensors、IC  contact pilotage、rubber wheels need clean and maintain every 2000 operations(one operation:dispenser caputure card,implement commands and retrieve the card)