Maintenance Method Of Insert Card Reader CRT-288-C

Maintenance method of insert card reader CRT-288-C

insert card reader CRT-288-C

After long time usage, transportation mechanism would wear and tear, dust on sensor, magnetic head, IC card contact will influence the performance of module, so it should be maintained on a constant basis. 

Detail instruction is as following: 

Use a cleaning card with alcohol to clean magnetic head by pulling and inserting in card reader for several times. 

Insert a cleaning card with alcohol and execute auto test IC card several times to clean IC card contact. 

Periodic maintenance: Maintaining the module (Magnetic head, IC contact, Mechanism) every 20,000 cycle is recommended.

( One cycle: card in and card out )

Different components’ maintenance is as following: 

1) IC card contact maintenance: Insert an IC card with alcohol; execute auto test IC card 

2) Magnetic head maintenance: Insert/pulling a cleaning card with repetition.


Make sure power is disconnected before maintenance to prevent the device from damage. 

Oil will dramatically influence card reader’s performance, please keep the device from oil absorbent adhesive. 

Active/passive data upload method for magnetic stripe card reading has been designed

Setting magnetic stripe card reading method: Read when insertion or pulling, set reading mode in DEMO.

Keep anything away from magnetic head and its cable.

IC card insertions direction: when cards is inserted from the front,IC chip faces up,the end with IC chip

Magnetic card insertion direction: Magnetic stripe face down and keep it to the right