Maintenance Method Of SIM Card Dispenser CRT-720

Maintenance Method Of SIM card dispenser CRT-720

Wearing and dust covering will occur due to abrasion and dust exposure after a period of use. The performance of the machine will be defected by dust on the sensor and pollutant on IC contact, in this situation, the maintenance for CRT-720 is needed and specific guide refer to the following:

1.Clean and lubricate the dispenser components by brush or soft cloth when dispenser component is dirty.

2.Lubricate the transportation components(guiding axle, screw mandrel, screw, iron block ) by brush or soft cloth when transportation is not smooth and easy.

3.Sensors Detection: At first connect machine, and then look up the sensor status from DEMO software. The normal condition of sensor status please refers to the following picture. If there is any sensor abnormal situation, please do the cleaning operation to clean up the sensor.

4.Periodic Maintenance: Recommend to do it once in every 3 month

① Maintenance for sensors: Brush up three U shape sensors on the top PCB and error card bin/stacker sensors by clean soft brush.

② Cleaning of SIM card contact: Move card tray down by pushing the card download button and clean the SIM card contact with alcoholic brush.

③ For Machine Cleaning: Card transportation component and dispenser component need to  keep clean and lubricated.