Motor Card Reader CRT-310-N Operation Mode

Motor card reader CRT-310-N Operation mode:

Card insertion of activities:

1) ICRW automatically reads the magnetic stripe card after the card enters in,then moves the card to the inner specific position; 

2)ICRW moves the card to the inner specific position after the card entries from rear terminal. 

6.2 Read magnetic stripe card: 

ICRW automatically reads the magnetic stripe card after the card enters in,save the data in RAM,waiting to upload the data after receiving the relevant command;

6.3 Read IC card:moving to IC card operation position,and begin to operate after successfully move(including auto-test card type).

6.4 Read contactless IC card: the card staying in ICRW at IC card operation position, RF operation is allowed at this moment.

6.5 Abnormal cards handling: 

1)Abnormal cards means that the size and shape are different from ISO standard cards; 

 2)ICRW automatically removes the card to the front of entrance if it judges the card is abnormal as the card enters into the machine;

3)Recharging of abnormal card,if ICRW checks the abnormal card existed,there are 2 ways to handle as following: 

① For the long length card,executing reset command,ICRW removes the card to the front; 

② For the shorter card,nowhere the card is in machine or at front entrance,executing reset command“ejecting the card backwards” ,meantime to insert a normal card , ICRW will discharge them together backwards.

6.6 Power down handling: 

1)The power cable is combined with 4- wire(red-yellow-2 black) ,12V-red/yellow,GND-black,the yellow-black in middle set is prepared for backup power supply,connecting to back-up capacitor for card ejecting when power down; 

2)Once main power down,there is a backup power for preparing work,the ICRW will start to run its power down mode after 1 second,if the card is inside of the ICRW, eject card  or not decided by set of PD parameter; ICRW responses negative to any command before the power supply recovered(error word“power down protected state”) ; 

3)If the main power is recovered (≥11V),the ICRW returns to previous state (before power down) by executing reset command.

6.7 Error handling 

Once ICRW occupied with the error of blocks,it’s necessary to clear the error sign by sending the reset command, after that it’s possible to execute other commands.(The details referred to protocol)

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