Motorized Card Reader Factory And Manufacturer-CREATOR

The Creator CRT-310-N is a motorized full-insert card reader,with card captured/ ejected and 3-card in one function,that can handle all industry-standard Card types. The integrated shutter assembly has been developed to eliminate foreign body intrusion and reduce contamination from dust and dirt.

Motorized Card Reader Factory and Manufacturer

The Card Capture rear exit design enables cards to be withdrawn and held inside the machine, but still maintains full read functions. Full insert motorised card control provides maximum read and write reliability and prevents premature card withdrawal during data cycles. Superior construction and drive materials provide proven reliability of over 1,000,000 card insertion cycles. Equipped to read Magnetic Stripes (read on insert or withdrawal), RFID and IC Cards of industry standard size 85.5mm x 54mm.

The CRT-310-N Motorized Card Reader forms part of the Creator Card reader product line,selected for its superior feature set and enhanced protection in challenging operating environments.