Motorized Card Reader Summary About CRT-310-N

CRT-310-N is a motorized card reader with card captured/ ejected and 3-card in one function. 

Product main feature::

Motorized card reader

1)3-card in one:Mag-card read, IC card read & write, contactless IC card read & write;

2)Electromagnetic controlled shutter, the commands support Mag/switch controlled open;

3)Motorized card captured and ejected with the function of card retrieved at rear end;

4)Compact motorized card reader,Mounting dimensions and card mouth height size please refer to the instructions in the appendix the size chart;

5)Communication protocol specification meet financial self-service equipment card reader standard, please refer to the product of communication protocol;

6)Contactless IC card reading and writing, support Type A, Type B CPU;

7)High reliability and durability;

8)CE and EMC certification;

9)Power monitoring and power down protected;

10)PBOC3.0 and EMV4.1 certified(contact IC card);

11)ICRW life: at least 600,000 cycles(one cycle is card in and out);

1)Optional parts: PSAM board.