Note For Using SIM Card Issuing Machine

SIM Card Issuing Machine

Note For Using SIM Card Issuing Machine

1.Cut off the power before maintenance operation

2.Prohibit warm plug (Plug and unplug with power-on)

3.For connection remove operation of machine, at first disconnect power cable and then disconnect communication cable

4.If the machine had re-power on, initialization operation is needed and the following initialization way is recommended:

Move the card to IC card position and calibrate 

5.Card uploading and downloading operation: 

When pushing down the upload/download button, the card will move upward or downward, the card movement will stop when release the button. The movement will forced stop when card have already in the SIM card operation position.

6.Card Orientation:  Keep the chamfer angle on the left and also remain the SIM Chip face upward. Make sure the door of stacker is in place. (Close the door of stacker and lock up the hook or lock)

7.Card Orientation in the Stacker: Open door of stacker and push card download button to move the card tray down. The loading volume of card is decided by the position of card tray. The maximum card loading volume is 150 picecs (0.76mm). Make sure the door of stacker is close and hooked.

8. If HOST system is fail to connect SIM card reader, please initialize the machine