RFID Reader: How To Protect Your Cards Safe

Smart device development is more and more widespread use of RFID reader, RFID card payment is also accepted by the majority, most contactless cards use RFID technology. Is RFID card use frequency increases, and many criminals have begun eyeing the cards in our hands. So, how to better protect the hand card?
Our RFID chip, generally a social security card, payment card and card. We present a social security card and payment card used to pay a MIFARE DESFire card, they are very vulnerable to attack; usually the card we use, units in the University canteen, in fact, is a Mifare Classic card, an attacker can modify card amount, recharge, and so on.
Facing the security of RFID cards, consumers how to avoid such a thing happening? Consumers should always pay attention to the balance of the card, it is best to prompt for the set fee, the most important thing is getting all kinds of RFID cards, note check that the card is a type of, then the remedy taken different protection measures.